Origin Of The Breed



Maybe we should start at the beginning. Jack Russell Terriers were first developed as a working strain of the terrier in England during the 1800's, their country of origin, by the Parson Jack Russell. The 'Parson' was a keen hunting man and throughout most of his adult life he maintained a pack of hounds, and hunt terriers for the sole purpose of pursuing the fox, a pastime of which he was extremely passionate. He based his strain of terrier on his foundation bitch named 'Trump', which he acquired as a young man from the local milkman. 'Trump' was the epitome of what the 'Parson' considered to be a fine example of a working terrier.

It is not really clear when the first Jack Russell Terriers came to Australia. One can only speculate that they could have been here before the turn of the century. By the early 1960's a record was being put in place, of Jack Russell Terrier's in this country, but a club was not formed until approximately 1972., when the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Australia came into being.

The Jack Russell Terrier in Australia has gone on to develop mainly along lines preferred by Australian working terrier men, rather than follow the English hunting type. It wasn't until 1981 that interest was shown by the Kennel Control Council at looking towards recognizing the 'Jack' as a pure breed; and from that time on discussions were being held between the 'KCC' (Kennel Canine Control) and the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Australia

In 1986 the KCC proposed recognition to the Australian National Kennel Club, but was rejected. Five years later (1991), at an ANKC meeting attended by KCC representatives from all states and territories and two delegates from the JRTC of Australia, the Jack Russell Terrier was finally recognized as a breed in it's own right.

It was in 1991, that Jack Russell Terrier Club of Victoria was formed, to initially promote the breed, not only in the conformation, obedience, agility and tracking rings [where they are doing very well], but also to the general public who are discovering that this versatile and intelligent little dog makes the ideal family companion.

Jack Russells are incredibly brave for their size, but also fun loving and extremely loyal. A good watch dog, the J.R.T. makes a satisfactory pet for both older children and adults. Jack Russell Terriers must be socialised from an early age and kept in an escape proof yard.

The Jack Russell Terrier comes in three coat varieties - smooth, rough and broken, and all require grooming. White must always be the predominant coat color, with black, tan or brown markings.



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